Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monkeybar Business

Speaking of Barbie being Bad Ass, our formerly cautious 4 year old has suddenly transformed herself into Adventure Daughter. Our girl used to not so much relish sliding down the slide. Or climbing or jumping off things (which I have never minded, since I am likely guilty of projecting my own Fear of Falling onto my firstborn).

But she's busting into nature and out of nurture, or just plain challenging herself, and it's very exciting to watch. First was our ski day. And more recently, a trip to the playground with her dad, who reported at dinner that she "spun uncontrollably on the spinning chair" and "slid upside down, backwards" down the slide.

And then there was the pull-up bar. She was pretty proud of her accomplishments there:

"Mom, so first, I put my hands around the bar and held on tight. Then I put my tongue outside my mouth and to the side (gestures to the middle of her cheek). And I pulled my legs up like I was sitting."

If I could, I would make her draw a Monkeybar How-to Guide, so she would not just describe, but draw that tongue as a key part of Doing Something Agro.

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