Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Say Discord; You Say Harmony

During an eensy weensy venting coven of wives on a friend's front lawn, a few of us talked about the Lists we'd like (or have threatened) to make, including:

1. List of All The Things I Have to Nag You To Do (aka List of All The Things You CLAIM You Do Around Here, Husband)
2. List of All The Things I Will Now Take On Because I Can't Listen To You Complain About Them Anymore
3. List of All The Things YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW I DO
4. List of All The Things I Remember To Do, Thank Goodness, Because They Would Never Even Occur To You to Consider (and everything would soon go to hell in a handbasket, by the way, Buster, if it weren't for me gluing it all together)

When we were out of lists, and somewhat tired of ranting, one of the married women offered this synopsis of her last marital feud:

So we fought, and we argued, and we went to bed too tired to fight anymore. In the morning I woke up, fairly defeated, and said, "Husband, do you kind of get where I was coming from last night?"

And he said, "I do, honey, I do! And do you kind of understand where I'm coming from, too?"

And I patted him on the arm and said, smiling, even lovingly, "No. No, honey, I don't."

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