Sunday, April 6, 2008


Three weeks ago my husband lost his cell phone and his wallet. In our house. I am pretty sure. Because his last call from the phone was at night when he was in our house, and the very next morning he couldn't find it. And no one has used the phone or anything in the wallet since.

But we haven't found the phone, and we haven't found the wallet. And in the meantime, my husband is on an Allowance, because I am pretty much refusing to cancel the credit card and replace the phone. BECAUSE THEY MUST BE IN OUR HOUSE. And besides, this is not the First Time my husband has lost, say, his keys, or his wallet, or his phone. Did I mention that my husband works with boats? That he has dropped keys and cell phones in THE OCEAN before, never to be heard from/of again?

So I need a break from cancelling credit cards and then getting a new phone for myself and then giving him my old one because it's only a matter of time until that one is broken or lost. Sorry, honey, but you deserve Sloppy Seconds in Cell Phones.

We will continue in this vein until I tire of remembering to withdraw cash and give it to him.

But (luckily), he has had access to a work cell phone. Which is why I haven't been tempted to replace his cell phone: we have a back-up communication plan.

Until today.

When he dropped his work cell phone IN THE TOILET.


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