Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Amazing Friends and Art

This week I received an exciting email from my artist friend Sarah. One of her recent paintings was chosen as part of the 20x200 Project, which aims to make emerging artists' work affordable by selling series of 200 8.5"X11"archival pigment prints of artists' paintings or photographs for $20 each on the internet (you can also purchase larger, more limited editions, for more moola).

We are the lucky owners of some of our friend's originals, but wall space and access to cash have created some obstacles to our becoming major collectors of her works, alas. I quickly scooped up a $20 print of her painting "Site," (that series sold out within hours), and then had fun scrolling through the other artists' works promoted on the website (get the play on words? Sarah's work is about reproduction, incidentally, as it relates to housing and suburban tracts, so the name of her painting, its subject matter, and the medium in which it's being sold are very appropos...).

I think the project is a brilliant way to promote contemporary artists and provide more foks affordable access to sought-after art.

I'll end by paying personal homage to my friend Sarah, who is a Mom of two and former waitress and teacher who recently made the courageous leap to Full-Time Professional Artist with the support of her family.

She rocks. She's going to be famous. Get some of her art. Now.

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