Saturday, April 4, 2009


In honor of National Poetry Month, I bring you my daughter's first book of verses, entitled "Poutrez," or "Poetries."

My favorite selection from the collection is "Note Cat!" I transcribe it below, with a translation following. Enjoy.

Note Cat!

Cat wate ded you do
You rect up my pating
Now wate will you do!

Look wat you dane
You scracht up my blacit
Now see wate you do!

Naughty Cat!

Cat, what did you do
You wrecked up my painting
Now what will you do!

Look what you've done
You scratched up my blanket
Now see what you do!

Also included in her debut anthology: "I Wish to Be a Prinsses," "See the Wold," and "The Dragin is Cameing."

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