Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best Week Ever

Seriously, I get off work, and look: we're on hiatus. So sorry.

But truly, we have had Good Family Time. Husband's only week off work was this last one, so we attempted to do more than snatch time to ourselves by passing off the progeny to each other and actually accomplish Mandatory Family Fun.

Some glimpses of the week:

1. Sunday evening at Nighttime Zoo, where our budding first grader was a contender in the Hula Hoop Contest...until her sister bumped her hoop and it was all over. You should see those hips! They barely wiggle.

2. A return to The Fair, and The Pig Races, of course! Highlight of the Pig Races: this year's Swifty the Swimming Pig actually jumped FAR into that pool/trough, after pooping and peeing admirably to crowd cheers pre-dive.

Lowlight of the Pig Races: as we waited for the action to commence, our charming three-year-old repeatedly kicked the woman in front of us as well as harassed her older sister, and then, after being moved to my other side, yelled, "NOOOO! I don't want to sit next to that Mean Lady!"

If I could have yanked her out of the Pig Races Stands without pissing off more people on the way, I WOULD HAVE.

Another highlight of The Fair: my friend who accompanied me with her two kiddoes, who hadn't been to The Fair more than once herself (in her Entire Lifetime!), wanted to try the most outrageous Fair Food available. And I was like, "I'm in!" So we wound up sharing a Deep-Fried Jelly Donut Chicken Sandwich and some Buffalo Potato Wedges with Bleu Cheese Crumbles. Verdict? Hate to say it, but Not Worth It. There's yummier-tasting unhealthy food off an exit near you.

3. Repair of a Regrettable Haircut: I seem to have finally learned that Free Haircuts or haircuts at places that are nearly free are not worth it. Adding layers to my long hair left me Metallica Groupie and mullet-like. First, I cut off an inch myself. Then I paid for another haircut. And the real reason for all this last-ditch cosmetic work:

4. My 20th High School Reunion: There was squinting at one anothers' name tags in attempts to recognize classmates; there was dancing (I released my own Inner Prom); there were revelations; there were rekindlings; there was skinny dipping; there were 25 kids in the pool at the Family Picnic.

I learned to forgo the Tequila Shot next time (and stop pretending to lick my arm, Tijuana-bar style).

5. Annual Fourth of July Chili Cook-Off: My husband entered my family's contest for the first time with "Chili con Carne y Coronitas." My niece and nephew concocted a crowd fave: "T 'n' A Chili" (with hot dogs). My own chili ("Sweet Potato Sting") was HOT! Like, really spicy HOT! Maybe too hot to taste.

Even the kids voted in what has become a serious tradition. And my brother's chili won--I swear, by adding copious cilantro right before the tasting.

6. Family Fireworks: The planets aligned and our children were rested enough for us to take them out on our boat, anchored in the bay, to watch the fireworks overhead. The almost-full moon (a "gibbous moon," we just learned from our post-kindergartner) cast silver sparkles on the water, and our daughters were awed by the spectacle--their first time, I think, seeing fireworks close up.

This morning, Daughter #1 sighed, "Last night was my most magical night ever..."


Lori Falkner Volkman said...

Trump for your pig race/mean lady story. On our way into dance class one evening, Olivia turned to a huge woman who could barely walk and asked her, point blank, "why are you so FAT?" I pretended she was not mine. I signed her in and said, "Let's go upstairs and wait for your mommy" and disappeared before the woman had a chance to answer. Like she was gunna ...

Chris said...

Glad to hear you were able to make up for the previous week!!