Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One of Those Vowel States

One the eve of the commencement of my Spring Break, let me pause for a moment to play the Glad Game:

I am so glad that we got our annual Skunkfest out of the way this morning. I could be glad it didn't happen tomorrow, when we will be hustling off to the airport, faced with leaving our stinky dog on the porch for our hapless housesitter to handle.

Assuming, of course, that it doesn't happen all over again tomorrow.

Note: My joke about including skunks on our census form was a joke, Urban Wildlife! Ha ha! Glad you thought that was funny.

We're headed to the Midwest, via the Midwest, with miles of cornfields between the airport of arrival and our destination, the hometown of loved ones from my husband's side. Our kids are ridiculously giddy at the prospect of flying (Free drinks! With ice!), of the rental car, of unfamiliar accommodations, of Omaha and Iowa. I think we're all ridiculously giddy to be together, anywhere, and reacquaint with one another and grandparents and aunties and cousins.

One cool thing about landing in Omaha and driving to Iowa for Spring Break? Both locales happen to have eponymous songs by musicians I love.

In anticipation of our trip (far away from skunks!), I bring you "Omaha" ("somewhere in middle America"), by the Counting Crows, and "Iowa" ("And so for you, I came this far across the tracks...and I'd do it again"), by Dar Williams:

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