Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Restaurant Relief

Our daughters' performances in restaurants have been inconsistent this year, and critics have weighed in with more than a few rotten tomatoes. Big Sister's tendency is to whine and sigh; Little Sis refuses all menu offerings and then changes her mind. In the second act, she cries loudly, and dramatically. Finally, she is scooped up for a hasty exit, stage left.

Sound fun?

The answer is Take Out.

Except, NO! I want to eat out, darn it! And yes, sometimes with the kids. Sorry to you, YOU, and you at tables nearby. I promise you we're working on the nuances of our characters. And bringing props.

So, I am over at Gearhead Mom today, waxing poetic about some bendable sticks (which got us through breakfast on Sunday).

Check, please!


lifeinapinkfibro said...

I liked your waxing, and I love the look of those sticks. Not sure if we have them Down Under, but I'll be searching them out.

Mama Deb said...

Haha! I, too, sometimes want to eat out as a family despite our recent poor track record.
People are so flipping intolerant sometimes!