Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Camp Wa-Na-Kum-Ba-Yah

It’s time for summer camp, kids. I mean, ADULTS.

Seriously. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I picture my BFF from 5th grade and myself reenacting our campfire performance of “Blowin’ in the Wind” from the summer of 1985 at Camp White’s Landing in Catalina. I imagine the forced luxury of time to braid a lanyard, or two. I envision a mess hall full of giddy adult campers, drinking bug juice.

Would you sign up? Here's what I propose:

What: Summer Camp.

Who: Grown-Ups.

Where: A tranquil natural setting near you. Sleep in cabins, bunkhouses, or tent cabins.

When: Two nights/three days.

Why: Because we need to get out of Dodge, relax, exercise, and even get a few things done.

Don't forget bug spray, suntan lotion, and stationery. Use computers and phones only at designated sessions, please. There are no mirrors. Don't bring makeup or anything fashionable. Just be!

Schedule of Events:

Day 1:

Noon-3:30 PM: Check-in. Claim your bunk and orient yourself to your surroundings. Swim in the lake or pool, go for a walk, play some badminton, take a nap.

3:30-5 PM: Happy Hour

5PM-6:30: Chow Time in the Mess Hall

6:30-8 PM: Evening Sessions, including: Nature Walk with Horticulturist; Know Your Pinot from Your Shiraz: A Wine Tutorial; Making Fire, Survivor-style; Poetry Writing at Sunset; Pick-up Basketball Game; Harmonica Lessons.

8-9:30 PM: Campfire: S’mores and Singing. Bring musical instruments.

9:30 Late-Night Session: Snipe Hunt in the Woods; Karaoke in the Mess Hall.

Day 2:

6-9 AM: Wake up at your leisure. Strong coffee and green tea available. Go for a walk/jog/swim or yoga at dawn by the lake. Breakfast in the Mess Hall.

9-10:30 and 10:30-Noon: Morning Sessions I and II, including: Archery; Bouldering; Macrame and Crafts; Diving Lessons; Canoeing; Orienteering. Workshops include: Improv/Drama; Digital Photography; Planning Your Trust/Will; Organizing Your Life (pay overdue bills, file photos, clean out your inbox); Musicians, Bands, and Singers You Should Check Out; That Movie You've Been Meaning to Watch; Avoiding the Mid-Life Crisis; Handwrite Letters to People You Love; Plein-Air Painting.

Noon-2:30 PM: Lunch and Nap Time

2:30-4 PM: Afternoon Sessions, including: Giant Parachute Game; Scavenger Hunt; Bladder Ball Tournament; Mini-Boot Camp; Vigorous Hike. Workshops include: Let's Form a Band Right Now (Tambourines and Triangles available); Learn to Play Chess, Pinochle, Bridge, or Mah Jongg; Jewelry Making; Nature Photography; You Actually Don't Suck as a Parent (But You Could Let Go of A Thing or Two); Dealing Productively with Life's Annoyances.

4:30-5:30: Happy Hour: What’s the Hops? Let's Learn about Beer, from Ale to Lager.

5:30-7 PM: Chow in the Mess Hall.

7-8 PM: Sunset Walk; Meditation; Spiritual Service.

8-9:30 PM: Campfire: Talent/Variety Show.

Late-Night Session: Stargazing with an Astronomer; Skinny-Dipping in the Lake.

Day 3:

6-9 AM: Wake up at your leisure. Strong coffee and green tea available. Go for a walk/jog/swim or yoga at dawn by the lake. Breakfast in the Mess Hall.

9-3 PM: Off-site Community Service Project. Lunch included.

3-5 PM: Farewells and Check-out. Back to the Real World.

Now, to imagine a synonymous camp for the kids, down the road just far enough away...


Heather PC said...

First of all: I'm in. How much does this trip to heaven cost?
Second: I've recently learned about Tyler Place Family Resort in Vermont, which is pretty close to what you describe (minus the camping in tents). It's pricey, but when you factor in all meals, activities, childcare, and lodging--heck!--maybe it's not so bad!

Danielle Zdunich said...

Sounds like a money idea. You should set it up!