Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Try Again

Developmental milestone! Big Sis has finally reached the age where she can tell us a funny story from her day at the dinner table and it's Actually Funny.

C'mon; you know what I mean. Her stories have been hilarious in the past, really they have. It's just that the comedic part for us has usually been our little narrator's telling of the tale, not so much the tale itself. On occasion, our inability to understand what could be so funny was funny, too.

But now? Now, we're in business. We can tell funny stories; she can tell funny stories; we can all chuckle, and Little Sis will catch up.

So last night, our daughter reported this scene from second grade:

There was some drama on the playground, someone got shoved, necessitating a class meeting on The Mat.

Students assembled on The Mat, while one classmate finished up a reading quiz on the computer nearby.

"Now, class, we need to be nice to one another," said the teacher.

"OOPS! WRONG ANSWER," chimed the robotic voice from the computerized reading program at just the right time.

(Second grade giggles)

"We really DO need to be nice to each other..."


(More titillation; teacher is losing her audience)

"Class, let's work on being NICE on the playground..."


Cheers all around, as teacher gets her point across AND student finally chooses a correct answer on her quiz!

Big Sis wiped tears from her eyes as she finished her story.

For the rest of the evening we found ourselves saying robotically to one another, "OOPS! WRONG ANSWER..." and then cracking up. Good times.

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