Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Styrofoam Peanuts to My Soul

I once created a "found" poem of lines written by my high school students in their letters of introduction to me at the beginning of the school year. I discovered the poem today as I perused files on my hard drive.

It's a glimpse into the young people I learned with almost ten years ago. Each line is by a different author.

Struggling with his death shaped me into an entirely different person.
When I get older my goal is to become a lawyer so I can knock some sense into people discriminating…
There is only one other place that comes close to the place I call home, and that is camp.
My fear is being in front of a big audience, but sooner or later that fear starts to burn off.
I have found a new love for waterfowl.
I probably turned out so open-minded and know so much more about what is actually out there due to what I experienced with my brother.
Sometimes I can have a major attitude problem and just want to be left alone.
Hobbies would be playing air guitar and acoustic guitar.
Ever since I can remember I have had the habit of opening the fridge without needing anything from it.
I don’t want to be around pot smokers or people that drink.
We moved down here on the boat we live on.
I have had a paper route before and it was one of those things that taught me about responsibility.
I don’t have much insecurity, but I absolutely hate it when people talk about me.
I also wish people could fly; that would be cool.
Now I volunteer at special needs camps and the Special Olympics.
I am a walk through a silent graveyard.
I pretty much hold my tongue for no one and my language would put a sailor to shame.
I like to paintball, surf, body board, body surf, jet ski, and swim.
I grew up with a family of many different races, so I don’t accept crude jokes or name calling.
My biggest fear is the consequences of trouble. I’m not exactly scared of doing the trouble; I’m scared of what it might end up becoming in the long run.
I like to draw and do so frequently… Doodling is just something my hand does on its own.
I pulled off my first political maneuver; we were both elected, and my interest in politics was solidified.
I have a birthmark on my stomach and my sister says it looks like a heart.
I am terrible at finding things that I have lost, even if it is right under my nose.
I believe in honest work, I am a good friend, and I am a perfectionist!
I don’t have a million friends, but the ones that I have are trustworthy and kind.
Whenever I see a bee or a fly I freak out.
I have built so many weird creations in my backyard it could have a history of its own.
I love to skateboard because I find it difficult to learn new tricks.
My general nature is doubtful…when there are thousands of pieces of evidence saying yes I still think no and I can’t help it.
I didn’t realize birds were so much fun.
When I go to sleep I need walls of pillows around me, my room to be freezing cold, and a movie on my TV.
I’m scared of heights, just because I always think of what will happen if I fall.
I’m also a big video gamer (it’s kind of nerdy).
I procrastinate sometimes and I am trying to overcome lying for my benefit.
The thing that I fear most is dying.
I have only one fear in my life, disregarding kidney stones.
I have broken my arm, popped my elbow out of place, torn my hip flexor, had a bone bruise in my knee, and many bumps and bruises.
I’m not embarrassed to speak my mind, or to raise my hand when no one else will.
I am very lucky to have my parents together and happy.
A couple of things that interest me are piracy and 18th century European fashion.
My favorite colors are blue and red.
It’s strange to me how just by hearing a sound one can feel sadness or happiness.
I realize it’s a very exciting thing to bring a new life into this world but part of me is considering adoption.
I also believe that many of the world’s religions that are seemingly in conflict actually exist side by side and fit together in a grand puzzle.
I am hoping to come close to or break the school record this year.
I have a great love for my friends; they are the Styrofoam peanuts to the poorly packaged cardboard box of my soul.
The single largest reason I am so ready to go to college is to get away from the hate and constant pressure that is put on me.
I spread my message to the chauvinists that women have rights and you best respect them…
I’ve taken up sailing and once my dad gets home I’ll have my rock-climbing partner back…
I learned that immigrating into a different country was not as easy as it seemed.
I don’t have a very loud voice, and I really don’t like raising my voice to be heard.
Confused, perplexed, ready, willing, eager, enthusiastic, prepared. Through all my parents’ biases I have learned to have almost none.
I have more respect for officers of any kind because it is hard to enforce rules, especially to your peers.
My father, who was experimenting with Zen Buddhism, wanted me to have a truly meaningful name.
I kind of think of myself as a walking contradiction.
I am still completely addicted to chess.
I fall asleep with music on, cuddled up with my cat.
I really enjoy gardening, fishing, studying, raising, catching, watching all life, especially bugs.
I am weird, but I am who I am.
Most people in school that lack responsibilities don’t think about how much they get from others.
This girl wants to know.
First, be goofy, funny, loud, and have fun.
I am easily intimidated.
I want to make an impact.
Nothing stays the same and that’s okay.
I’m not the type of girl that beats around the bush.
My best friends are drug free and so am I.
I am a writing fiend.
I love spending time with my parents.
I have ADD but have learned to control it.
A miracle is not water turned to wine; a miracle is when a kid says no to drugs.
I would say that I’m navy blue.
She does not allow animal-tested products in her house.
I’m also in a band with my friends.
I hope to be a movie star.

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