Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mother Mentors

I admire you, moms, because... parent each of your children as individuals, nurturing them into the distinct human beings they are. lost your only child, and you cheerfully tend to ailing family members, never asking for anything for yourself. spent countless afternoons in the backyard playing catch with your son.

...your house may not be clean, but it abounds with love. sat beside your son in the principal's office as he took accountability for his actions and faced his consequences, not making excuses for him, but guiding him, loving him, and forgiving him. teach your children that smaller bellies and needier ones eat first. parent alone or in the absence of your partner. adopted your children.'ve watched your child suffer and helped her endure. made a difficult choice on behalf of your family. teach your children the value of community service, hard work, and reflective practice. accepted your child before and after she came out to you. open your mind and heart when your child has something to teach you. maintain a healthy relationship with your ex and honor the relationship your children have with your former partner. tend to your own health, needs, passions, and dreams, and demonstrate that a balanced individual is a better parent. exercise/play an instrument/sew/create/build/cook/play/work with your child. are tough when you need to be. talk frankly with your child about sex. apologize to your children when you're wrong or out of bounds. have no children of your own but care for them as if they're yours. have one child or many; you work outside or inside the home; you breast- or bottle feed; you cloth- or disposable diaper; you public or private school; you buy all organic or not: but you follow your instincts and do what feels right to you without judging others.

Thank you for inspiring me.

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