Sunday, December 18, 2011

Grandma Shirley

My Mother-in-Law

Shirley who is the anchor in a bustling port
And writes "Hiya" in the subject line
Who is coral and clowns
Who is pelicans and pastels
Whose home is never too small
Is scrambling some eggs
Who tells us we're wonderful
Who tells us not to worry
Whose blue eyes are glistening
Is letting us off the hook
Remembers Little League and sailboats
Is making lists
Is an album of pride and memories
Is grinning tell her a story
Has brought us all here
Who saved it for you especially
Is ornaments and white wine and mysteries
Who validates and cajoles and disagrees and chuckles
Is the forgiving ship in the family fleet
Asking how will you grow from here
How will you grow how?

1 comment:

Mama Deb said...

Jenny, please forgive me for being a shitty friend and not keeping up with your blog lately. I'm so sorry about your mother-in-law. She sounds lovely...and the appreciation you have for her equally so.
Hope everyone is healing a bit. Again, sorry for the late condolences.