Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Tribute: My Husband

In the spirit of artists honoring the role of their patrons in the form of a New Year's gift, I offer my annual New Year's Tribute to a man who has made my life's work possible:  my husband. 

Being a working parent is difficult.  Being a parent and a self is difficult.  Being a working parent and a self and a partner and friend is also difficult, but my husband takes it all in stride.  He makes those roles easier for me to balance, too.

When I met my mate and we decided to marry, we didn't forecast how our careers would mesh; we didn't consider the logistics of raising children.  We were in love, and the rest would work itself out.  We had a teacher's salary and a sailing coach's pay, yet we felt rich.  We'd already bought a house, hey!

And what do you know, the rest has worked itself out, in large part because of my husband's patience, clear eyes, and can-do attitude.  We didn't know then I'd become a vice principal shortly after giving birth to our second daughter, and I'd trade weekend grading for Friday night football games and weeknight meetings.  Husband's weekends coaching regattas mean he's often away, but our work lives mesh well; though we often pass the kids like batons in a frenzied relay, more often than not, we eat dinner as a family.   What's the best part of your day? we ask one another.  This, I say.  Having this. 

My husband's gift to us is uncomplicating things--or not complicating them in the first place.  For every sense of overwhelm I conjure or fall prey to, Husband walks into the house with a happy sigh and smile to remind me it's all good.  "We need to not worry," he suggests.  "We need to have fun," he reminds me. 

And there's the confidence I have that he's behind me no matter what.  I could quit my job, run for President, or move us to Africa, and he'd have few queries before he got with the new program.  He never questions my need to go running, attend Book Club, fly off for a writing retreat, see friends, take a break.  All that, and he even sets the coffee maker each evening, makes breakfast and wrangles the girls through their morning routine, attends doctors' appointments, and vacuums while I am out jogging. 

Thank you, honey, for making not only the day-to-days but the dreams possible, too.  I sense the winds of change blowing in 2012, but feel good knowing you'll make it all seem easy, somehow.

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Susie said...

Wow, that's beautiful. Lucky you.