Friday, September 7, 2012

This Week

1.  This week was the beginning of 1st and 4th grades and my third week of my 20th year as an educator.  That's a whole generation's worth of my career alone!  No wonder so many former students are having babies.

2.  First day of school:

3.  First week of coaching under-8 girls' soccer with my buddy from 5th grade; once upon a time we were on a recreational team together.  We were both nervous (now...not sure about then).  We learned that most of our players are afraid of being hit in the stomach by the ball and many of them like chocolate.  And we may have a few handballs this season.  Fun, however, is guaranteed.

4.  Each family member took turns having a little meltdown this week, each for our own reasons and in our own ways.  Big Sis was stung by two bees on Monday and was sure she'd forgotten how to do math.  I wondered how I'd manage it all (see #3).  Little Sis was overtired.  Husband reminded himself no one fully prepared him for the adventures of parenting.

None of this was surprising.

5.  Another week of eating on the run, on the fly, and poorly.  Don't get me started on packing school lunches (hint:  I barely got started.  But I hear school lunch is healthier than ever!).

6.  A week of appreciating family, particularly my mother, who picks the girls up from school on Thursdays and had them dressed in soccer gear and ready for practice when I arrived at the field.  The same mother without whose help I'd wonder even more how I manage it all.

7.  Another week of piling papers on the dining room table.  Good thing we didn't need it (see #5).

8.  Another week of feeling guilty for whining about the heat ('  Super hot for here).

9.  First week of homework...

10.  First home football game and high school dance ("Crazy in the Corridor") tonight.  Hoping the evening ends without "Intervention in the Office."


Marisa Reichardt said...

I love your life.

Kate said...

Haha, love "intervention in the office."