Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Fourth Grader's Bullet Notes on the Presidential Debate

(The first 30 minutes, anyway...we didn't make it to bayonets):
  • Foreign affairs
  • 47%-47% "Dead Heat"
  • Trade deficits
  • Debate is in Florida
  • 2 minutes to answer questions
  • Obama being very reasonable 
  • Attack on embacy
  • 2 weeks in Irac
  • both had good answers
  • Mitt Romney has a better answer about terrorism
  • They shouldn't be worried
  • Obama is right about they shouldn't have troups in Irac
  • I think they should let them deal with it to keep ourselves safe but help them by doing something else besides fighting
  • I agree with Mitt in that we shouldn't put our troups in Syria
  • Should talk things out so we don't have so many wars and so many people dying
  • I agree with Obama in that women need freedom and education
  • Fights in the Middle East
  • We need a strong military and allies
  • I agree with Romney in that we should help the world
  • We need to get our economy going
  • We need to stand for our allies
  • I agree with Obama in that we should have good education
  • We should have clean energy
  • We need better jobs
And then Big Sis needed to go to bed.

Overall analysis the next day:  "I agreed with Romney, but it seems like Obama is still being pretty reasonable."



Marisa Reichardt said...

Um, can she run for president?

Kate said...

Hahahaha...a budding Republican. But clearly has bipartisan values!