Sunday, July 21, 2013

Active Uterus; Inactive Fer

It's a beautiful Sunday morning in Boston, and from my climate-controlled habitat, I understand the East Coast Heat Wave may have broken after some record-breaking temperatures this week.

Yesterday evening Team Tootsie had a flurry of visitors.  My friend Sarah and her kids rolled in from Maine; she's taking my girls back with her for a week of beach-house adventures.  I am so grateful they'll be having a fantastic time no matter what happens here.

Nephew Steve, who has demonstrated his willingness to fly or drive no matter how far at the drop of a hat in the name of supporting family, came up from Connecticut last night.  Tootsie's fans went out for an Italian dinner together before coming back to kiss us good night.

This morning, my sister and brother-in-law are whipping up their famous waffles for the whole crew, and then they plan to hit the Science Museum before the Maine contingent heads north.

Last night, all night, I had fairly ouchy contractions every ten minutes or so but baby still looks good on the monitor and I report to you this morning with baby inside and no active labor for now.  My "irritable uterus" may be hinting that baby's not going to hold out, though. Taking it hour by hour, day by day.  I'm lucky Tootsie's in her 31st week.  I'm lucky I'm in the hospital with pregnancy as my condition and not something else.  I'm fortunate to have so much love and support around me.

Just need some sleep!

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vertigomama said...

I love your positivity and how you count your blessings. Great view btw. We're rooting for you and Baby T from the left coast.