Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Playable Lie

I received the most wonderful email from the mother of a dear college friend this morning.  She lives across the country but has remained interested in all of our lives over the years, and kept in close touch during Toosie's and my adventure in Boston.

Her words are worthy of publishing--mother wisdom from a wise one:

"It seems from your blog that tomorrow is your official going back day.  I wish you smooth transitions, proud moments and good satisfaction for all that you have done and how much you are doing and confidence in everything finding its 'playable lie'. I don't play golf, but that term is one that I love because it is what we mom/professionals do.  We take what we have and go with it as best we can.  It's never perfect, but often very close, and it is ours and that is good."

Thank you, CC.


Angie Hall said...

Thinking of you, friend! Tootsie is a bright-eyed cutie pie and she is so lucky to have a brave, wonderful mama. Happy First Day of School! XO

Stacy Hall Gomez said...

No one ever said being a mom is easy, especially a professional working mom, but I have no doubt you will do both your jobs with grace and success. Go for it!