Thursday, March 27, 2014


I wrote the thoughts below a few weeks ago as I tried to articulate what my new job felt like and seemed like in relation to my old role as vice principal. March has been a blur of teachers receiving layoff notices, emotional meetings, fundraisers, soccer games, writing reports.  Trying to plan ahead while muddling through each day.

Once upon a time, as a teacher, I tended trees.  Of course, I planned activities meant to engage and grow a diverse group of them all at once, but I spent a considerable amount of time trimming and fertilizing individual trees in my care.

Then I became a vice principal and I treated the trees who were sent to me or who came.  I had time to talk to each one based on his or her needs, and their parents too.  Sometimes I managed a stadium of trees or a dance floor crowded with them, but in my office I felt like an arborist of both young and mature trees--learning from our students and staff how to best support their goals and growth.

Now I'm in the business of forests.  I make decisions about trees based on what's best for the good of the woods.  I'm often several steps back from the trees, listening to the Loraxes as I study maps and growth charts and write blueprints, making adjustments to our environment. 

This new perspective has its moments of pride and excitement.  But the responsibility is huge and  and a tree hugger like me covets time in the leafy shade, hikes in the woods.

Note: with a sub shortage, I've had the opportunity to cover some classes this month--fun!

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