Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Bit Bereft

It's not unusual for me to feel this way, at the end of a school year. I've given a lot of myself to students and school and now it's time to give back to my family.

Identity-wise, I feel adrift. Not connected to teachers in the same was I was now that I am an administrator, yet my heart not fully an administrator, I wonder who I am in my career, going into the third year of this Vice Principal journey--the year that I knew I would decide what's next.

I couldn't tell you. I really couldn't tell me.

In my house and in my 'hood, I need to reconnect too. I'm ready to settle into a daily routine with my kids, with fewer interactions based on getting ready to get out of the house. Meanwhile, neighborhood mothers are either like me, searching for their own balance and family harmony, or they've organized and planned with more available moms--and I am pawing at the door to be let back in, for the summer season at least.

I've reached my very last straw, going out with a bang as I am: administrator required training tomorrow, all-day test on Saturday, and a workshop for teachers I'm leading on Monday. Tuesday, summer starts.

My family feels my bare nerve endings, perhaps close friends do, too.

I'm not sure if I need Therapy, or just Summer.

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