Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a little Black Cat (who couldn't find her ears and caused a last-minute search) and a littler Grey Mouse (who wouldn't wear her costume because it made her "sweaty"--hearkening back to last year when she insisted on wearing her only jammies and pigtails to trick or treat...) and a Mommy who raided her daughters' dress-up box and pieced together a Strawberry Shortcake costume, and a Daddy who dressed as a Harried Daddy. We converged on the cousins' house for our traditional trick-or-treat homebase and potluck party.

Little Grey Mouse and I handed out candy on the porch while bigger kiddoes dispersed with their parents down the block. She refused to serve any trick-or-treaters with scary costumes, however, so we weren't exactly equal opportunity. She chose individual treats for princesses, cheerleaders, cute furry animals, and Spidermen, and I tossed chocolate into the bags of vampires, witches, Screamers, gorillas, and monsters.

A pretty successful Halloween, all things told. Hope yours was spooktacular, too!

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