Wednesday, January 28, 2009

He Sees You When You're Sleeping

What is it with this guy? Kids LOVE Barack Obama (or Buroco Boma). Am I not right? Okay, liberal peoples' kids love him, for sure. But I think, in fact, that he has broad appeal across the lunchbox demographic. I've taken a poll in my neighborhood.

Tonight I showed my daughters a silly "Elf Yourself" holiday video a friend posted on Facebook, with her face and her husband's copied and pasted on disco-dancing leprachauns. Only there was one more elf stayin' alive in the video: Barack Obama. My daughters laughed hysterically at the clip, and then our kindergartener disappeared for a few moments. When she returned, triumphant, it was with her homemade valentine to Mr. Boma (above).

Meanwhile, I am capitalizing on all this love. I believe I can harness admiration into something that works for us.

Because Barack Obama is the new Santa.

President Obama says Unclench Your Fist (RIGHT NOW, before it connects with your sister's face).

President Obama says Reform Bad Habits (and NOT LISTENING appears to be one).

President Obama says Set Aside Childish Things (like your sister's My Little Pony)

President Obama says Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off (and GET IN THE CAR).

President Obama says You Cannot Outlast Us, and We Will Defeat You (GO TO BED).

I think they'll listen. Santa is seasonal (like those dancing elves). But Obama is already in town, and he's ALL YEAR LONG.


JJ&K said...

This is hysterical. M's liberal roots are already taking hold...:-) That's actually not the first time I've heard of a kid (liberal parents or not) loving Obama, though.

me said...

So funny!!! Are you sending her valentine?