Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Election Hinges on the Sea World Issue

Here is a transcript of the conversation between me and three girls, including my daughter (five years old), and two friends/sisters, ages five and seven, in the minivan on our way to soccer games this morning:

7yo: What is that sign in your front yard?

Me: Well, there are elections coming up...

5yo: What are 'lections?

Me: It's when people vote for leaders.

7yo: Who are you voting for for President?

Me: I am voting for Obama.

7yo: (nodding) Yep, that's who my family is voting for.

Daughter: Who's that other guy who is never going to be President?

Me: (laughing) Well, that other guy could be President, and his name is McCain.

7yo: He's going to do it just like President Bush.

5yo: I couldn't remember 'Bamo's name, so I was cheering for the white-haired guy, but then I remembered it, so I started cheering for the brown-haired guy.

7yo: The reason I don't like President Bush is he took out the bestest part of Sea World and put in the Elmo stuff.

Me: (laughing again, and trying hard to commit this dialogue to memory) So, President Bush is the reason they changed Sea World?

7yo: Yeah. He ruined it. But...if Oback Obamo is elected, he will put in some more parks.

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me said...

Maybe Obama can get us a play place at the zoo, too.