Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Can Spell Any Word Tacked on the Board in Front of Me

I had an opportunity to meet Ms. D, our daughter's kindergarten teacher, on Friday. I was excited to leave work early, pick my kid up from school, and celebrate her first week of kindergarten with a trip to the ice cream store (note: I would have added my own celebratory glass of wine later on that evening, except that I had to head back to work for a first Home Football Game and Dance).

The teacher patted our daughter on the head, called her a "delight," and mentioned that she had already pulled her aside for some Phonemic Awareness Testing.

"First I asked her to write 'dog,' and she said she couldn't. Then I asked her to write 'cat,' and she waited a moment, and then wrote it perfectly."

I just nodded at this account, not sure where it was going. I was also feeling not entirely sure, as well as curious to learn more, about what our daughter can and cannot do. At our house, her abilities seem highly variable and quite dependent on mood.

"Because she had no apparent trouble writing 'cat,'" her teacher continued, "I asked her again to write 'dog,' which she promptly did. I praised her and told her, 'Look! You can do it!'"

Ms. D raised her eyebrow, with a glint in her eye.

"And then your daughter pointed out that both of those words were posted on the bulletin board behind me."

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JJ&K said...

M is too, too much! I wonder if the teacher has any idea what is in store for her...