Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lingua Familia

A Vocabulary Guide to What's Going On around Our House:

mermaid (v): to lie down/float in the bathtub to wet or rinse one's hair; as in, "Please mermaid yourself! It's time for conditioner."

M&Micine (n): a placebo

bokini (n): bikini

breftist (n): breakfast

cuvvy (adj): comfortable

mazagine (n):  a publication

jameroni (n, pl.): pajamas

Na-Nas (n, pl.): the crazies; a toddler version of losing it in laughter or sillies. The stage directly preceding a tired, teary breakdown.

nilk (n): milk

bizindheit (? I'm an English teacher, but beats me): Bless you! (German origin)

shnoogie (n): booger

pupcake (n): cupcake

woperation (n): cooperation; as in the lyrics to a homegrown song: "co-op-er-ation, wop-wop-er-ation..."

bum-bum (n): buttocks, rear end, tushy.

cheeriodels (n, pl.): multi-grain cereal.

Hello Ponies (n, pl.): My Little Ponies.

thatawhy (conj.): because; as in, "Why are you climbing up on the counter, my little toddler?" "Thatawhy I can't reach it."

burrito, taco (n): one's choices for towel wrapping, post-bath, for presentation to the other parent; as in, "Mommy, she's a burrito! Take a bite."

cheeken sandwich, finger sandwich, chinken nugget, toefu, tummus (n): The kissable, bite-able parts of one's kiddo's body; as in, "Mmmmm...I'm going to have a bite of cheeken sandwich, yumyumyumyum!"

piko (n): belly button (Hawaiian)

dawgs (n, pl.): feet

mamaholdju (v): Mommy, will you hold me?

beetee (n): pacifier, binky

Eresa (n): Auntie T

snugglebuggle (v): to get cozy and close to another family member

snugglenest (n): the mass of blankets and pillows and sleeping bags which overtakes the living room during a cousin and/or closefriend sleepover

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me said...

Try to work in a little "winka" for your bum bum. It's a West family favorite!