Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Parenting Verses (Versus Before)

I like me a good poetry challenge now and then, so I was excited on Monday to see that Brian over at Looky, Daddy! had come off of blogging hiatus to open his Third Annual Haiku Madness.

I was disappointed on Wednesday morning to note that I had missed the deadline to enter my own parenting haiku in his contest. Never you worry, though; the potential of prize is not necessary for me to spend my day distracted by five-seven-five-syllable lines of glib goodness.

Here's what I've got by the end of the work day:

Parenting low point:
Even I eat Cheerios
Off the floor of car.

I used to sleep in.
Now I just sleep whenever--
Mostly mid-movie.

As for Mom's night out,
Let me stay home alone, please.
Everyone else, OUT!

Family: two kids,
Plus our marriage (the third child)--
always on Time Out.

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