Thursday, May 28, 2009

Like Her Mama, Not Likely to Pull All-Nighters in College

Last night, I hovered over the kindergartner as she tackled her homework. It was the only night this week I was available to help, and I tend to get a kick out of the conversations (and cajolings) we have around her assignments. Tonight was no disappointment.

Her packet for the week included some math stuff and some reading and writing workbook pages. We decided to tackle the workbook, in which she had to write as much as she could about what she learned in kindergarten this year (using the Word Bank, of course). And, the teacher added, "use your first-grade writing."

Our Kindergartener has a swollen thumb--a residual injury from some splinters already extricated that she picked up off the dock last weekend. I had forgotten about this moan-worthy fact when I noted that her handwriting was leaving some "first grade" to be desired. She was holding her pencil strangely as well.

"It says right here that your teacher wants you to use your 'first-grade writing', honey," I meekly pointed out, treading lightly into the arena of suggestions, knowing what wrath gentle prodding can inspire.

"Mom, my thumb is still sore. Do you want to me to get really, really hurt, or do you want me to get in a little bit of trouble?"

She glared at me, eyes wide open and head cocked to the side.

As I paused to let that question sink in, she got back to sloppy work, shaking her head confidently: "I don't think you're going to say you want me to get hurt."


Kris said...

Oh my goodness Jenny! She is the funniest thing! BUT... a kindergartner with homework?! Since when?

Betsy Noel said...

oh my god. that girl does not disappoint. don't forget that you once ruined her lunch, too.