Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Mother's Day: A List

1. I'm very grateful to be a mother.
2. I am fortunate that my mother is living, and living nearby. My heart goes out to those who have lost theirs...
3. As far as mothers-in-law go, I hit the JACKPOT. I love you!
4. I appreciate the mothers and other-than-mothers who have helped mother me.
5. I rely daily on the mothers and other-than-mothers who help raise and care for our children. Thank you.
6. I have learned a ton about parenting in my job working with students and their families. I honor the moms who stand by their children but guide them in taking accountability for their mistakes; I honor the guardians who serve as mothers for students without them; I honor the moms who sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of their children's; I honor the moms who despite all best efforts, watch their children struggle with substance abuse, failure, and unhappiness.
7. I am one of five children; I know people who have four; I have two. And sometimes two is more than I can handle. When I am in the weeds, I remind myself that there are mothers doing it all alone. Single moms are amazing.
8. Adopting children is a brave, generous endeavor. I admire so much my friends who have chosen the role of mother in this way.
9. I think of mothers who are mourning the loss of their own children.
10. Here is last year's Mother's Day post, featuring a poem I wrote for my mother after the birth of my first daughter.
11. Finally, I wish for all mothers a day like today: luxuriating in the joy of family and the gifts that children bring (okay...and a little bit of Alone Time). Happy Mother's Day!

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