Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Picturing Friendship

We were fortunate to have many friends and family pass through and visit over the holidays, with opportunities to reconnect and for our children to reestablish relationships with people we've known for years and care about deeply.

One of the highlights of vacation was watching our daughter and the daughter of one of my best pals become fast friends. Jealousy and competition, it turns out, are no strangers to the friendships of even six-year-olds, but our two instantly hit it off and enjoyed an easy camaraderie. They danced, sang, wrote notes to one another, played with stuffed animals, swam, and ran, and even did math problems together.

I think we all wish for our children the kinds of friendships that sustain us through good and hard times and over the years despite how we change and evolve. It's emblematic that one of the songs my friend's daughter taught ours is the old Girl Scout tune: "Make new friends, but keep the old..."