Sunday, February 14, 2010

Isn't This the Playlist Generation?

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I had a conversation with some of our senior boys on the quad this week. They were mulling over what to do about February 14 and their significant others.

"How about...a mixed...CD? You know, of good music?" I offered.

A chorus of groans. "Oh, c'mon, Ms. M. That is like, so...1994."

Well, okay, sure. I did pour my heart and my ego and my pride in my taste in music into Many a Mixed Tape in my day. And they usually had clever titles, often alluding to a song lyric within. Not without innuendo, of course. But wasn't that the beauty of the mixed tape? It was a menu of mixed messages.

Sadly, I have a lot of mixed tape left in me. If the dang CD burner on my computer worked, I'd be giving all of you some awesome Melody Mixes whenever the spirit moved me.

To make myself feel better, and to show those boys that the music hasn't died, I offer you Valentine's Variety 2010:

1. Happy-in-love song of 2010: "Therapy" by India.Arie.

2. U2's best make-out song: "Love Comes Tumbling"

3. Goofy love song: "If I Had $1,000,000" by BareNaked Ladies

4. Unrequited love: "Ghost" by the Indigo Girls

5. Long Distance Love: Kristen Hall's "Peaches"

6. I finally found true love, and I hope I don't screw it up: Paul Simon, "Something So Right"

7. Friends with benefits: "Say Goodbye," Dave Matthews Band

8. Sappy love (and because there had to be a Carpenters' song in the mix): "You," The Carpenters

9. Celebration of enduring love: Cowboy Junkies' "Anniversary Song"

10. One Night Stand love: "Love Song for a Stranger" by Joan Baez

11. Shout out to my little girls' current taste in tunes: "Love Story" by Taylor Swift

12. Try not to smile while you're listening to this song (I dare you): "Gotta Have You" by the Weepies

13. Could be the soundtrack for newlyweds driving away from their wedding: "Favorite Adventure," K's Choice

14. Just a rad song: "Bus Ride," by Alex Lloyd

15. Finally, our wedding song: Sade's "Kiss of Life," which makes my husband all misty...

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