Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day REDUX

It's Tuesday, April 9th, but wouldn't you know; Presidents' four-day weekend starts on Friday, April 12th for my daughter's school.

And that means that her Valentine's Day Party is Thursday, February 11th.

Which is Far Too Early for us to get our hearts in gear, people.

It's 2010, and many of you will chirp in glee to learn that in the two years since 2008, not much has changed in our First Grader's Painstaking Valentines Making Process. I had to leave the room to make this post so as not to stand over my daughter and mutter, "Oh. My. God. We. Still. Have. Nine. Homemade. Valentines. To. Make. PLEASE GET AT LEAST FIVE DONE TONIGHT."

We only have tomorrow to finish this project. With very little of my patience remaining.

I am estimating each Valentine taking, oh, fifteen minutes to make. Except for Kurt's. His was special. So that one took all of last night's energy. With 26 kids in her class, you may be thinking only nine left isn't so bad. Yet, we've spent almost a week making Valentines.

What makes tonight truly hilarious is that her other homework was watching ice melt. You think I am kidding. But I am not. In between nagging my First Grader on getting those %&$*&@! Valentines DONE, I was reminding her to check her ice, and check the clock. We have to record how long it takes to melt.

About the same amount of time it takes to manufacture two homemade Valentines, in case you're wondering.

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