Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Thinking

Daughter #1 wants to go to Paris. It's on her top-three list, along with China and Hawaii. Her 1st grade teacher went to Paris; one of her neighborhood friends is in Paris. It's all the rage among seven-year-olds: go to Paris. It's where we're having her birthday party.


In the car tonight, she reasserted her desire to visit the City of Lights.

"So, what is it you think is in Paris," I asked, "besides..."

"The Eiffel Tower, Mom."

Her teacher brought her and each of her classmates a little miniature Eiffel Tower when she returned from her Spring Break trip to France. I am not lying when I tell you that my daughter sleeps with that replica next to her bed each night.

"Well, there's also the Arc de Triomphe..."

"What is the Arc de Triomphe?"

"It' arch. Of triumph."

"And there's also some...thinking guy?"

"Oh...yes!! You mean, 'The Thinker', a sculpture by Rodin? One of my favorite places in Paris, the Rodin Sculpture Garden!"

"Uh huh! Oh, Mom..." (switch from excited to serious tone)..."Janie was naughty when our teacher talked about that sculpture..."

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah, she said he was NAKED."

"Well, he is naked. Many sculptures are of naked people, and that's okay."

"But she said, 'I'm thinking...I'm thinking...I'm peeing."

(Choking back laugh spasms) "Really? Did anyone laugh?"

"No, Mom. No one laughed." Daughter shook her head gravely.

"Did your teacher get mad?"

"No; she didn't hear it."

Well, damn. There's one famous work of art which will never be the same for me. Haha!

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