Sunday, July 11, 2010

List: Signs of Summer

1. Kids took their first bath in five days last night.

2. I am wearing the same outfit for the third day in a row. Yesterday, I changed earrings for variety.

3. There are unpacked bags all over the house: a bag from the beach, a bag from the pool, a bag from the zoo (with, oops, half-eaten lunch inside), a bag from Concert in the Park, a bag from a sleepover, and, uhhh...a few bags from camping. We are too On The Go to concern ourselves with the artifacts of the last activity.

4. The pile of garage sale/Goodwill items outside is growing. The enthusiasm for a garage sale and momentum for loading things up for Goodwill? Diminishing.

5. Gritty coating of sand on the floor.

6. No bread or milk in the house. We are subsisting on dry cheerios, juice boxes, cheese sticks, apples, trail mix, and the occasional peach we find on the ground at the neighbor's.

7. Bathing suits and towels strewn on the front porch. Which is convenient, because we just grab them and go, and then return them to the porch to dry. Front porch=summertime closet.

8. Girls still in bed asleep at 7:19 AM. We call that sleeping in. And a by product of late-night summer fun.

9. Doo Dads and crafts from playdates, camps, fairy projects, and sleepovers decorating our home.

10. I am feeling blissed out. Happy. Satisfied. Fulfilled.

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