Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I spent a good part of the afternoon cleaning up (and cleaning out; hello Garage Sale!) the girls' room. Amazing what I find during these excavations: 332 1-cm. plastic doll accessories, notes between cousins transcribing adult conversations as they spy on the parents, toy horses with doll pillows rubber-banded to their backs, baskets tied with ribbons to bunk beds in a jury-rigged pulley system.

And stuff Big Sis has saved, including a note written by her dad on an index card and slipped into her lunch box on the first day of her first year of standardized testing (about which she was freaking out a little):


He wrote it; she saved it. I think that says a lot about their relationship and the kind of father my husband is.

Happy Father's Day to kind, empowering, thoughtful, and awesome dads everywhere.

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