Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Little for a Lot

Parents from our daughters' local preschool held a fundraiser on Saturday night.  It's the second year we've applied the "keep it simple, stupid" philosophy, understanding that at this time of year, families are both worn out from organizing and attending events and likely running low on funds.  One kind family agrees to host the party at their home/in their backyard, and the obligation for guests is to bring a beverage, hors d'oeuvres, item or service to donate, and a willingness to spend $25-$100.  Preschool teachers offered babysitting services at the preschool from 4 to 7 PM, and approximately twenty couples in attendance raised over $2000. 

It occured to me that this formula is a winning way for a small group to raise quick funds in a community-building atmosphere for a variety of purposes:  a common cause, a family in crisis, a community project. 

The best part was the modesty and creativity of the donations.  Folks offered babysitting, handmade pottery and jewelry, landscaping consultations, favorite craft beers and wine, a ready-for-kindergarten kit, and I donated a curry dinner

Also the food:  no Costco contributions anywhere in sight.  Someone brought bruschetta with Sicilian grandpa's homemade sausage; there were frittatas, orzo salad, and pizzette.  My caprese-salad-on-a-toothpick was not particularly inspired, though the pancetta was a nice addition: 

And now, our preschool will have an updated art room!

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