Thursday, May 24, 2012

List: Where I've Been

It's one of those months when activities and obligations and distracting flybys conspire to make me feel as if I am hardly keeping my nose above water.  You know, the end of the school year!  For example, "I just found out" (code for "I wasn't paying attention") that tonight is our daughters' school's Open House.  So we'll fit that in between work events and dentist appointments and if the kids are lucky, dinner. 

Here's where I've been spotted recently:

1. The Prom.
I can report that "Baby Got Back" is still a crowd fave.  Big butts haven't even needed to make a comeback--they transcend time! 

Heartwarming moment of Prom 2012:  a graduating senior with special needs brought his adult sister to the Prom with him, and requested Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me" as a surprise tribute to her.  Our students cleared the dance floor for their peer and his sister's slow dance, and then joined him in a tear-jerking love fest. 

We have one 'P' down now, and two to go:  the Pep Rally and Powderpuff.  Okay, and maybe the Prank (eeek)... 

2. Signing up for Summer Camp.
Unfortunately, not for myself

There's a cartoon about boat ownership that cracks me up; it depicts a man running up and down a dock with carts full of cash he unloads into the hull of his boat.  That's how it feels to arrange for childcare/meaningful experiences for the kids for the parts of summer when they're off and I am not.  Every time I lay out dollars to have my children supervised while I work, I wonder how families with fewer means make do.  Can we do a better job of supporting families through affordable childcare, huh, USofA?  For the good of the whole?

3.  Deleting Election Messages from the Answering Machine.
Leave.  Us.  Alone.

4.  Gearing up for No Big Change.
If you asked me in September, I would have predicted that by this time of year I'd likely have a new baby or a new job.  Alas, neither was meant to be.  On the bright side, I love my job and my life as it is.  And this summer I won't be overwhelmed by the advent of new responsibilities:  disappointment replaced by relief! 

5. Sopping up Water Pooling in the Fridge.
We don't know why we have water pouring from a mysterious source into our crisper and deli drawers, but the repairman who told me it was my fault for overloading our freezer was wrong, wrong, wrong (Ha!  I would get more pleasure out of being right if I didn't already pay the sanctimonious Fridge Doctor $200 to NOT solve the problem).  Meanwhile, we have a rotation of cold, wet towels if you need any. 

6. A Few Award Ceremonies.
My favorite ceremony at the high school is the Faculty Commendation Tea, in which staff members can commend students for ANYTHING:  having a cheerful smile, being profound, demonstrating improvement or perseverance or keeping a stiff upper lip through tough times.  Forget GPAs and scores and stats; this kind of recognition is where it's at. 

7. Blow-Drying Lotion-Laden Hair.
So, we had lice.  And at this point I am pretty sure everyone has lice.  Yes, you!  What makes you think you don't have it?  Have you even checked?  Because those buggers are so hard to get rid of, even if you're a nit-picking Mama like me, that it's a wonder we don't all just cry uncle and be like sharks, happily swimming around with their hitchhiking remora.  But here's where you point out that remora offer some benefit to sharks, and I HAVEN'T YET DETERMINED ONE BENEFIT OF LICE beyond bringing me and my daughters ever so much more closely together.  So, yes, we resolved to fight the fight and I do believe we're victorious.  Paranoia allows for a hint of doubt, though, so we are investing in some Overkill Treatments. 

According to lore, as well as the Brave Moms willing to admit that they've had a louse in the house (fie on you non-disclosing parents!  You are not helping the team!), the most effective treatment is the "Nuvo Method," which involves soaking the hair in lotion, combing most of it out, and then blowing the lotion-y hair dry.  The last step seems so utterly impossible that after thirty minutes of blowing gummy hair I wondered if this was some Super Evil Person's plot to further torture a parent already brought to her knees by Pediculus humanus humanus. 

8. Making Lasagne.
I may be feeling the overwhelm of end-of-year events, but that won't stop me from volunteering to make lasagne for the Staff Appreciation Lunch at daughters' school!  What it will stop me from doing is putting it on my calendar, so that I mistakenly cook a giant gourmet lasagne a whole week in advance.  We celebrated Family Appreciation that evening.  And then I made another one this week.  Thank goodness for no-boil noodles.

9.  Cheering at Lacrosse Games
What a cool sport.

10. Being Alternately Speechless and Outraged over the State of our State's Budget.
Our friends--librarians, nurses, teachers with years of experience--are losing their jobs. Class sizes are increasing and programs are being lost. Who will step up to educate the next generation of children? Why would young people today be motivated to pursue a career in schools with such bleak forecasts? Dismay.

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Marisa Reichardt said...

Still with the lice? Aw, man! I called in the Lice Whisperers (real name for real) last year. It is all about the combing for sure.

I'm also busy doing #5. I was told that it has something to do with needing to heat up one of the metal tubes behind the fridge to defrost something or other. I could pay a ridiculous amount of money for the part or defrost (which came with the warning "expect a flood of water on your kitchen floor"). Have yet to psyche myself up for either option so it's still me and the towels...

What I'm saying is, I'm feeling you, Jenny. Like always.