Friday, July 18, 2008

Secret Elf Project: DAY 2

Today we launched our second installment of the Secret Elf Project. Mission preparation spanned a week, however.

First, Daughter created six cards with drawings of flowers and a smiley, long-eyelashed elf (I guess), signed, "FROM YOUR SECRET ELF" (with a backward S).

Next I bought terra cotta flower pots, kids' tempera paint, two six-packs of flowers, and some potting soil.

Then, both daughters painted the pots, inside AND out.

Finally, this morning, we planted the flowers (and then First Daughter watered them using a cracked bucket and a tiny Disney princess teacup).

During Second Daughter's naptime, our Secret Elf scampered up and down the block to deliver her gifts. It was exciting to surreptitiously drop off the goods (and we weren't caught by anyone during delivery this time), but it was more thrilling to periodically check our neighbors' stoops to see if they had discovered their surprise.

Out of six homes, four probably knew immediately it was my daughter behind the Secret Elf. But two families might just be wondering who left flowers on their doorsteps...Happy Friday!

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