Friday, July 25, 2008

Up in the Sky and Away We Go

This afternoon we leave for a week-long vacation in Colorado, where we will visit my dear friend from college and her family in Boulder, and then head to the mountains for my brother-in-law's wedding and quality time with his family.

My husband's brother's life has been radically transformed over the past two years. He has a two-year-old son of whom he gained custody after fighting to prove his paternity (who does that? Besides, of course, Anna Nicole Smith's ex?). Tragically, the establishment of paternity was closely followed by the death of his son's mother. Our daughters' little cousin gained a new father and lost his mother in short time. But my brother-in-law is marrying an amazing woman who has loved and supported him and his son on this journey. There will be lots to celebrate this week.

But first, we've got to get a potty-training preschooler and a constipated kindergartener on board an airplane and across the Rockies...


JJ&K said...

Have fun! Didn't even know you were leaving! We'll miss you!

me said...

I hope it's all glorious. Sounds like a great trip! I wish our trips overlapped a little bit more, either home, or in the fabulous Rockies!! Love to you all.