Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

Our mountain vacation has far exceeded my expectations (though our daughters' behavior hasn't, *sigh*). Colorado has won me over.

Some highlights:

1. Happy, fit, friendly people who seem to bike, walk, run, hike, and boat A LOT. In Boulder, they also go to yoga.
2. Bubbling, burbling, rushing-over-rocks creeks and rivers along every road and bike path.
3. Lakes, mountains, pine trees, blue skies and clouds that change hue over the course of the day.
4. Aspens shimmering in the breeze.
5. Awesome runs: up the canyon by Eben G. Fine Park in Boulder, along Boulder Creek, and around Lake Dillon.
6. Clean mountain air: breathing is like therapy.
7. Wildflowers.
8. Hiking with our daughters on Red Rocks.
9. Fishing: eldest daughter learning to cast off and reel on her own; husband rising at 5 AM to fish each morning; both daughters "catching" their own trout in the Kids' Fishing Derby organized as part of Wedding Festivities; the fish I caught which the guide said "might not make it" swimming quickly away--phew!
10. Family togetherness: fifteen of us on my husband's side of the family sharing adjoined condos, in harmony! Staying up late talking and different combos of personalities catching up and sharing stories.
11. Taking our little two-year-old cousin home from the wedding with us so the bride and groom (my husband's brother) could enjoy the last hours of their reception. Cousin bonding at bedtime.
12. Connecting with friends in Colorado: spending an amazing weekend with my friend Sarah and her family in Boulder; swapping childcare (and giving our kids time with familiar friends) with a neighborhood Mom living in the mountains for the summer; coinciding Colorado vacations with friends who've moved away from us but are here with their kids, too.
13. Line dancing at the wedding--Colorado style.
14. Feeling like this was an A+ vacation, and I can handle returning to work without feeling too sorry for myself...


me said...

I'm so glad to hear your vacation has been wonderful!!! Love to you.

JJ&K said...

This is making me want a vacation!