Monday, May 3, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Sunday evening we were still stuffed full of a late lunch but with room enough for an early evening appetizer: artichokes fresh from our garden.

Five! And only one earwig discovered inside.

We invited Auntie T over and each enjoyed our own; how decadent.

Our daughters are more evolved than we were at that age: T and I recalled our fathers delighting in scavenging our leftover artichoke hearts--as kids, we only liked the leaves. Big Sis and Little C eat the whole darned 'choke, even the hairy parts.

Our garden is bursting with growth, and we are reaping what Mother Nature sows, with recent and regular rains so atypical here. We pick lemons, limes, and artichokes and await our volunteer zucchini to grow just a bit more robust.

There's a certain reassurance in enjoying the success of what we didn't have to try hard to grow, as our lives are consumed by tending carefully to the living beings in our care. The neglected fish doesn't fare as well as the overlooked artichokes, alas. Our kids? Thriving, for now. So far.

A secret we know: one of the greatest pleasures in life is to grow something; eat it. Share. Pass it on.

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