Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Calling All Fairies

Our daughters scored some fairy dust in sweet little pill boxes at a birthday party this weekend, and I saw opportunity knocking in the form of tiny, fluttering, otherworldly wings:

"Guess what," I suggested. "If we put the fairy dust in the backyard (i.e., put that glitter OUTSIDE), fairies will know that our backyard is a fairy home, and will come and live here..."

Big Sis had a pair of scissors in her hand and was headed out the back door before I could say "Tinkerbell." She used her pruning shears to snip petals and leaves, creating a Gardenscape meant to attract fairies to our humble abode:

Little C followed suit, designing her own fairy nest (and learning how to properly run with scissors along the way):

At dinner Big Sis swore she heard some fairy laughter as she worked. Little C grew wide-eyed and made me promise I would lock the back door; fairies are all fine and good outside, but inside? No way, sister.

After dinner Big Sis added a fairy-sized note, wrapped in a petal, to her collection of fairy bait: "I think fairies are awesome! I would really like to talk to you..."

This morning our daughters found a letter tied up in nasturtium vine and some treasures in their fairy sanctuaries:

Thank you so much for making your backyard
Fairy Friendly.
We are so excited to move in.
We love the flowers and fruits and vegetables.
This will be a very fun place for us to visit!
Let us introduce ourselves.
We are sisters.
I am the oldest, and my name is Fiona, or Fifi, the Feather Fairy.
I love finding feathers. If you find any, will you save them for me?
My little sister is Piri, the Petal Fairy.
She looks for beautiful flower petals.
We are Tuesday fairies, which means we will come visit you on Tuesdays,
And if you leave us a message—or feathers or petals—we’ll leave something
For you, too!

Let the magic begin. It will be a summer of fairies!


Danielle Zdunich said...

You guys are awesome! I wish my parents had encouraged me to find faries!!

Heather PC said...

Oh.My. That, I think, is perhaps the most wonderful idea EVER! Hmm...something tells me my boys would have no interest in feather and flower fairies, and Lego fairies sort of ruins the whole enjoy nature part. Ah well, it's perhaps for the best; I know one Tuesday, then another, would slip by me.

I know the one thing I would never change said...

Such a GREAT idea!!! I can't wait to hear fairy stories this summer!