Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inspire Me to Expound, Please

Call it a failure to launch.

What I am Thinking About but Not Writing (More) About (Yet):

1. Bullying
2. Face Painting
3. Bible Stories and My Children
4. People Retiring
5. Marijuana and Its Possible Legalization
6. Being Overweight but Also Sort Of In Shape
7. What It Is Too Late To Do and What It Is Not Too Late For
8. Dress Code
9. Sensory Integration
10. Summer Camp for Adults

Feel free to nudge me in the direction of your curiosity.


Jared and Kate said...

Bible stories, overweight and in shape, dress code, bullying. :-)

4lutes said...

Bible stories, what it is and not too late for, summer camp for adults....pray expound :)

Betsy Noel said...

Dress code! And not just for students-- appropriate work attire is also a hot topic I would like to hear your thoughts on!

Ms.F said...

As someone who is admittedly lax about enforcing student dress codes (mainly as a result of the sheer awkwardness that that conversation entails), I'd love to hear your thoughts on dress codes...I'm also interested in Bible stories and children too...:)

me said...

Summer camp for adults, please. ;)