Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2 Weeks

Our baby girl is two weeks old yesterday.  It's amazing how time has both passed quickly and crept along.   While she is two weeks old, she has not yet reached full-term status, or her due date, which is interesting to remember at times, especially as she grows bigger and reassuringly sturdier.  She is also officially two-thirds through her 21-day course of antibiotics today, after which she is free to show us when she's ready to come home.

Our big girls are back in San Diego, reunited with grandparents, our dog, aunties and uncles, and new baby cousin.  They're doing well back in the complex of nests that constitutes home.  Meanwhile, Husband is in his element coaching an Olympic development clinic (so gratifying to hear the excitement in his voice) in Texas; he will join the girls on Saturday and some semblance of normalcy should return for them.

My sister-in-law who delivered the girls back to Boston has remained to keep me company, thankfully.  She is enjoying her first solo trip/vacation and had some time to explore Boston on her own yesterday.  It has been great to have time to catch up and talk.  When she leaves on Friday my sister arrives.  I am just so very grateful for all the family members and friends who've rallied to support us.

Tootsie was sleepy yesterday after four feedings off her tube in a row, and breastfeeding wasn't as successful as it had been previously either.  None of this was completely unexpected, as there are often several steps forward and then a few in place. She is up to 4lbs. 11oz., though, inching ever closer to the important 5lb. mark.  She and I were able to spend quite a bit of time napping yesterday with her snuggled on my chest.

In the afternoon I had a surprise visitor from home, the mother of several students from school and a dear friend who happened to be here on business.  She reassured me that all was well back home and at school (which has been very evident), and we had a sweet chat while Tootsie slumbered.

Sister-in-law and I capped yesterday evening with dinner and beer at the Cheers bar near the Boston Public gardens.  It was a perfect upbeat setting.  I was able to catch up on some sleep last night and this morning, and am looking forward to doing some laundry today (I've been rotating the same three or four tops and bottoms and sweaters--the nurses might not recognize me if I change my clothes!).

Have a wonderful day, world.

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