Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Digs

I've been living in the hospital for a month now.  That's a pretty long time.  Of course, many people endure long hospitalizations for illness, but the funky part about my stay is that besides the four days when I was recovering from my c-section, I've felt pretty fine.  Bedrest wasn't about being sick, and now I'm really here to serve our baby.  But because I don't leave the hospital very often, even now, the whole thing feels surreal.  It's like time is suspended while at the same time we are carefully marking days and weeks passed and milestones.

Here's our "apartment":

Tootsie's isolette is on the left, the breastfeeding chair is in the center.  My couch is in the back.

The view from my area to the door. Hi Tootsie!

My breastfeeding station.

My couch made into a bed (with a slight slope, but not so uncomfortable).

Our view!  

I spend a lot of time here.  As I tell the nurses, if I had given birth to her early at home, I would have had many distractions and responsibilities which would create conflict in my mind about where I belong.  Here, where I belong is very clear:  with my baby.

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Quita said...

Jenny. Love reading about Tootie. Made her a quilt. A friend should deliver it the end of the week. Hugs. Quita