Monday, August 12, 2013

Three Sisters

Dear Friends and Family,

Yesterday I met my big sisters for the first time; they came into my room in the morning right after I breastfed at 9 AM.  Normally, I fall deep asleep after a feed, but I stayed awake to stare at them, wiggle around, make noises and show them all my tricks.  Excuse the bragging, but they were in awe of me, calling me "perfect," "the most beautiful baby in the world" with the "softest skin ever."  They didn't want to let me go.  I think I look like Little Sis, but have a similar profile as Big Sis.  They're so big compared to me.  It was amazing to be all together (we miss you, Dad!), and everyone was excited.  I spent a long time in my auntie's arms, too.

They went off to have breakfast and after all the excitement of the morning, I slept through my noon feed, so they headed to Faneuil Hall and Quincy market for lunch.  I was still a little dopey at 3:00, too, which meant they could go get ice cream with my other auntie at J.P. Lick's (my mom's favorite place here in Boston) and then for a swim in the pool at the hotel, where my sisters used up some of their energy and generally acted silly.

While they were at the pool they received the amazing news that my cousin was born back in San Diego, a healthy baby boy!  He was supposed to be born before me, but I beat him to it.  I can't wait to meet him, but I need to keep gaining weight (I'm up to 4lbs. 8oz!).  He's already 6lbs. 7oz. so I have some catching up to do.  We're going to be best friends.

Mom came back to feed me at 6 while my sisters took showers and got ready for dinner.  They came over to see me, but I stayed in my isolette and listened to them talk to me while I nodded off.

Mom and auntie and my sisters had dinner in the hotel, which took a really long time!  Everyone was very tired since my sisters' and auntie's plane flight was delayed--they got in at 2 in the morning.  But Little Sis was determined to come with Mom back to the hospital for my 9:00 feed and weigh-in.  She got to help change my diaper, watch my nurse weigh me, see me breastfeed, and then hold me again.  I stayed awake so she could talk to me and kiss me goodnight a million times.  I heard her tell Mom she will help her with whatever I need.

My mom and my sisters are so happy to be together and here with me, but I can tell they don't think it's enough time.  My sisters are very sad that Mom and I are not coming home with them.  They need her, too, I know, so I am going to do my best to get big and strong so I can join them and Dad and meet my dog sister.  Mom feels sad that she can't be every place she wants to be and with all of us together.

Big Sis is still sad about our cat, Koshka, who died before I was born.  She talks about her a lot and cries, too.  I know they had a special relationship.  Koshka used to snuggle against Mom's belly, pregnant with me, at night in bed.  She probably did that with both my sisters, too, since she was around before we were.

I can't wait to spend time with my sisters today.  They don't know it, but we're going to try and feed me with a bottle today, and Big Sis gets to give me my first one (I will try hard to cooperate)!  It will be an exciting day for sure.

They leave very early tomorrow morning for home, so we will say goodbye this evening and they will spend the night with my auntie and uncle at Harvard.  My other auntie will stay here with Mom and me for a little while longer.  I know Mom has enjoyed sleeping in a hotel for a few nights, but she comes back early in the morning to see me and to hear the doctors and nurses talk about me at rounds.

I hope my family has a wonderful day here in Boston and loves this city as much as I think I will (I'm the only one who hasn't been outside yet!!).



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Marisa Reichardt said...

Oh, Tootsie. Your sisters can't wait to love you up. It's going to be grand.