Monday, January 21, 2008

In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.,

I am typing out an (idealistic) essay/speech I wrote in 5th grade:

I Have a Dream
In Martin Luther King's famous speech, I have a dream, his dream is that in the future everyone will become brothers. Everyone gets along with others. How wonderful the world would be if everyone was like that!
I have my own ideas. In my dream everyone gets along with others and very rarely have problems. In my dream there are partner families. One family would usually go out at a time. If one family had to go the library and the other to the grocery store, one family would do both and they would trade off. The trade off saved time, gas, and money. In my dream no one ever talks of the differences between black and white. Many partner families are one black family and one white family. Everyone would be friends and it would be like one big family. Martin Luther King was a strong leader and someone who believed that if he really wanted to do something with his whole heart, he could do it with one finger. At the end of his life Martin Luther King had done many of the things he had set out to do. If he had lived longer he would have done more. In my opinion, there are no differences between the races of mankind. All of them have hopes and dreams. Even though Martin Luther King Jr. is dead his heart for his people is still alive.
Room 55/56

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