Sunday, January 27, 2008

There's a Fungus Among Us

Daughter #2 has a yeast infection, In Her Mouth. To the experienced mom, this affliction is familiar as Thrush, and it's pretty much No Big Deal, except that it requires a prescription. (Can I take a moment here and beg the Medical Industry to please, please not require moms to take their kids in to the pediatrician to diagnose things like Pink Eye and Thrush? Just give us the meds, for the love of all drugs non-addicting. I am not going to Abuse the Oral Nystatin prescribed for my daughter. But I want the symptoms to go away NOW. Thank you).

Thrush is more commonly associated with breastfeeding babies and those taking antibiotics (and Vaginas, of course, I must acknowledge). My Baby #1 and I passed Candidiasis back and forth, breast to mouth, for excruciating months. My second child made it a whole 18 months of breastfeeding without it. So I am scratching my head as to why she has it now. But when I scratch my head, I am reminded of Lice, and then I am reminded of Preschool, which is the Gross Place where kids pass bugs from head to head, livestock diseases Hand to Foot to Mouth, and quite possibly, Fungi, from mouth to mouth (?) as well.

Once in a while we get these little Ominous Notices in our boxes alerting us that A Toddler In Our Midst (Who Shall Remain Unnamed) Has Contracted Something Contagious...Watch Out. I am not an alarmist, so I am generally mildly amused, glad my child is not the Originator of Said Notice, and happy when days later, we emerge unscathed. But the "Fungus Among Us" notice sure to hit the press on Tuesday will be traceable to My Kid. We can put it in her Baby Book.

One last comment on Thrush. If you look it up on Wikipedia, you'll find that Thrush is Not Only a Fungus;

Thrush may refer to:
Thrush (bird), common name of the bird family Turdidae
Candidiasis, fungal infection commonly known as thrush or yeast infection, affecting the mouth or vagina
Thrush Aircraft, US aircraft manufacturer
THRUSH, fictional criminal organization in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Informally, a "thrush" can be a term for a female
singer. A synonym would be chanteuse
Thrush, automotive muffler manufacturer
Punk band, A UK Scum Punk band formed in 2006
Thrush, a bacterial infection of the horse's hoof.

You're welcome!

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