Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sleeping Potion

My daughter had her "Sting" procedure yesterday to (hopefully) repair kidney reflux on the left side. It's the second time we've attempted this fix; last time it worked only on the right. Because she's an anxious kid, we didn't let her know what was in store until the morning...and she inevitably stressed, cried, asked a million questions, and then pulled it together, telling us she would be "brave." She processed the anticipated experience by explaining to her sister in the car on the way to the hospital exactly what would happen, step by step, as if our near-two-year-old needed reassuring.

While we waited for the anesthesiologist's briefing in the consultation room, I explained to her that she would breathe in something sweet smelling, and it would make her fall asleep. Her eyes grew wide, and she said, "But Mom, I don't want something that makes me fall asleep. That's like a POTION! And then I will never wake up!"

I promised I would kiss her to wake her up, princess-style.

And don't worry--she's fine!

In a couple of months we'll find out if the "STINGing" worked.

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me said...

Did she feel like a princess when she woke up? I sure hope so after a procedure with an acronym like STING.