Sunday, December 30, 2007

Resolutions and Darn Good (if I do say so myself!) Intentions

Yesterday my sister-in-law asked my if I had any New Year's Resolutions. I've gotta say, my main resolution has always been NOT TO HAVE ANY RESOLUTIONS. They always seem to be the same annual guilt-inducing albatrosses around our collectively gluttonous necks, as far as I am concerned. But she asked me this just as I had narrowed my wearable pants to the ample-waisted (in a matter of a month! SHEESH!) and had mused on the fact that I could most likely Drink Less In 2008. So I had, in fact, given this threshhold some thought.

My BFF from 5th grade once had a cool therapist who suggested she come up with 12 "Intentions." The idea is that they're implemented one month at a time, thereby (hopefully) becoming habit, one by one (help me, friend, by commenting on this post if I am inaccurately representing this approach; I also remember that there's something about burning them, something about moons, water?). But I was drawn to that idea back in 2005, as well as to the noun "intention." Way different, methinks, from "resolution": it allows for human frailty, forgetfulness, and our tendency (oops, using the same root!) to abandon our ideals from time to time.

I searched my emails for the Intentions I wrote and quite nakedly shared with my friend. They are still so appropos, and I even inspire myself anew:

1. I will honor my body (feed it nicely, not pick at it, etc.)
2. I will greet the world with a friendly face (including my husband, even when I am grumpy). Especially coworkers. Especially ones that are currently bugging me.
3. I will do Now versus Later.
4. I will honor privacy, confidentiality, by not forwarding emails or gossiping (TOO much, anyway).
5. I will not judge others.
6. I will take deep breaths and avoid stress.
7. I will make the best use of my time, at home and at work.
8. I will buy things that are useful and meaningful.
9. I will read deliberately and for pleasure.
10. I will write.
11. I will stay in touch with loved ones far away.
12. I will share my time with extended family members.

These are GOOD INTENTIONS. In need of some dusting off and Putting Into Action. I have high hopes for 2008.

But my favorite find of this Search For My Intentions is an addendum I sent to my friend later:

"Forget all my intentions: spending time with (my daughter) today says that there is only one intention: days of joy."

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