Thursday, December 13, 2007

All Plans To Be Positive and Grateful Aside,

Sometimes it's just hard to keep it together (as a Mom, as a Person, as a Wife, as a Person Who Works With Other People).

Honestly, folks.

The last couple of days have been a bummer. My right eye actually feels tender to the touch (from random bouts of tears) and How Many People Does It Take Telling You You Look "Weary" To Make You Know You Really Look Like Sh^&%^?

This too shall pass ("This" being the OVERWHELM--a periodic condition--of having to work some nights and negotiating schedules with spouse and trying to be a Non-Yelling Mom and trying NOT to be a MARTYR). But I'm a fan of wallowing in it (read: lots of Random Bouts of Tears) for a painful 24-hour period and then Getting It Together. I'm on the upswing.

But boy does it suck at the nadir.

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